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The Full QSA Oil and Gas Story

At QSA Oil & Gas, we are proud of our heritage, our dedication to strong family values, ethics, and customer service. With a diverse team of professionals, we provide the chance to work as part of a multinational, multicultural team on innovative and challenging energy projects, with access to the most advanced technologies and career growth opportunities in a great working environment that promotes flexibility and new ways of working.

QSA Oil & Gas USA with the need for global spread and outreach is registered, certified and incorporated in the United States of America, Puerto Rico, and Nigeria with legal authority to operate in the Energy sector of its locations in America, the Caribbean and Africa.​

At QSA, we believe that the communities where we live and work should benefit from our presence, working to create shared value and build alliances together. QSA has been able to master combining multicultural talent with a sustainable global energy projects portfolio. QSA is strongly committed to the well-being and success of all our employees. We offer highly competitive salaries and benefits, as well as flexible work-life balance options, such as 9/80 schedules and remote work. Our employee experience provides continuous learning, mobility, an extensive professional development for new graduates, with the opportunity to travel abroad and work with leading professionals in the energy industry. Our focus is that every employee can forge their career path, thrive and have an exceptional sense of belonging.

At QSA, the mindset of value creation, respect, efficiency and anticipation serve as the foundation for our values and guide how we do business. Together, we are working with an innovative spirit, putting our talents in full gear, with enthusiasm to build a more efficient, secure and responsible energy future. Our culture fosters a positive working environment by promoting collaboration, inclusivity and teamwork to achieve our professional and business goals. We believe the entrepreneurial drive and commitment of our employees are what enables QSA to achieve positive results and to give back to its stakeholders and communities. We are a global multi energy provider that works everyday alongside a multidisciplinary team representing 79 nationalities to drive the evolution towards an low-emissions energy mode. In the U.S. natural gas markets, QSA adheres to an employee Code of Conduct as part of its blanket market certificate from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.​

QSA licensed to operate in the petroleum industry globally; both in the upstream, midstream and the downstream sector is actively engaged in the business of bulk trading and supply of refined petroleum products for local consumption in Nigeria and its neighboring West African States. Over the years, we have built our corporate clientele locally, internationally and have been able to have partnerships in the relevant aspect of the Oil and Gas industry with the major players whilst having different collaborations with other Oil & Gas companies.

Our ability to compete effectively in the Energy Market is based on:

  • Strategic partnerships with owners of tank storage facilities  across the geo-political zones in the West Africa, the Caribbean, and America all in the form of through agreements.

  • Firm binding trading relationship agreements with international traders and refineries.

  • Time-termed operatorship and partnership with owners of coastal vessels, barges, boats and tanker trucks for effective haulage activities.

With QSA 's ownership of fifteen thousand liter peddler trucks for effective and timely distribution of products locally, and intra-city has been a success in the door to door distribution giving clients quality satisfaction on delivery. Introduction of the QSA branded mini storage tanks of a maximum of Five million liters and a minimum of One million liters capacity respectively thereby eliminating the impromptu shortage of products for customers. After considering our clients’ product requirements, we synergize our models and distribution mechanics in relation to the dynamics of our supply and distribution services, we realize the enormous advantages and cost savings this offers by synergizing our models with our clients’ supply, distribution needs and requirements.

Subsequently, we have further customized and patterned our models to optimize the clientele’s cost savings and provide a number of flexible supply and distribution options for our client’s consideration. We offer periodical procurement of a specified quantity of products and store them in our storage facilities for a one-month period with the option of an additional two-week storage lease at reduced rates to fully evacuate product in the event of unforeseen delays. The distribution of the products to the client is based on the agreement reached between the client, QSA, and tank farm owners. Our pricing methodology is largely determined by the prevailing market price but is significantly competitive because of the bulk-purchase factor.

In addition to this, we offer professional and specialized services in the oil and gas sector. We also undertake projects involving engineering design, procurement, construction, and installation of storage tanks both underground and above ground. We are positioned to meet local content needs in the oil and gas downstream sector of the economy by providing technical know-how. Our competitive edge is the ability to execute projects according to specifications, project schedules, terms, and conditions as spelled out by our clients, and also by our excellent professional management group with our global support services and partnership. QSA has always put people at the center of the energy conversation, because we understand that the well-being of people everywhere depends on energy. Energy that is affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner.

Without the people's daily and global need for energy, there will be no energy production, manufacturing or trading company. 



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