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Welcome to QSA Oil and Gas USA,  your home for Energy

To become the Global O & G Partner of Choice.

To drive and change innovation in the industry through information  technology.

To set standards for customer and employee satisfaction.

To engage in strategic alliances that will position QSA to continue to expand its geographies in our quest to deliver true value to clients and stake holders.

In achieving our mission and vision, QSA is guided by the following philosophies:    

  • Competence and attention to detail.

  • Top quality service to the Nation and humanity.

  • Optimum value on our human assets and the environment.

  • Consistent building of trust and accountability.

  • Ethics, sound corporate governance and integrity.


Welcome to your home of
Energy Solutions with Qualitative Services and Assurance


Your guaranteed partner engaging in constant delivery and supply of your energy requirements timely and promptly. Primarily focused on eliminating shortages and scarcity of energy needs..


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