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Quality Assurance & Control Policy

At QSA Oil & Gas, we are committed to ensuring that quality of goods and services delivered are of the highest standards at all times, conforming to local and international standards while satisfying clients’ needs or contractual requirements.

We recognise the value of customer satisfaction and compliance with relevant statutory/regulatory requirements in our everchanging and competitive business environment.

We are a quality-conscious company continually providing consistent reliable and flexible services that meet the needs of clients and maximizing our potential in the markets we serve.

  • Promote the culture of continual quality improvements and the philosophy of getting things “right the first time”

  • Comply with all applicable legislation and regulations, and conduct our business in an ethical and professional manner at all times, meeting all requirements

  • Train and develop our personnel to increase their understanding, efficiency and competency for service delivery

  • Meet or exceed the expectations of clients whilst complying with applicable statutory regulations

  • Provide information on current security risk(s) around personnel to reduce attack exposure

It is our responsibility to:

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