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QSA Oil and Gas over the years has been able to forge strategic and formidable partnerships globally without restricting herself to location or time zone barriers.

QSA has solidify with its partners, concretizing relationships across board with global geographical spread having the One-on-One relationship ethics with each and every contact, supplier, buyers, refineries, brokers, mandates, the complete circle because everyone is important, valuable deserving our qualitative attention and services.



A successful business collaboration is achieved with transparency and trust between different members working as one, with good mutual and solidarity intentions. Communicating openly about challenges and ways of mitigation also enhance a successful collaboration.

Through transparent collaboration, we have been able to complement our investors vice versa while specializing in the different areas of the value chain which enhances our efficiency and productivity.

The foundation has been establishing a clear purpose, agreed opportunities and strategies, clear rules of engagement and risk sharing formulas with our partners.



In selecting our forms of collaboration and partnership, we critically seek the following organizational alignment in order to achieve success

Operational fit

This includes geographic coverage, workforce, performance measures/incentive schemes, visibility, etc.​

Strategic fit:

This includes shared vision and mission, the possibility of becoming direct competitors, potential synergies that involve similar plans for the future.

Synergistic fit

They include compatible work ethics, long-term commitment to the industry, community and people, stability of personnel, flexibility and innovative ability, consistency especially in the global crisis.

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