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QSA Oil and Gas in collaboration and partnership with Pratap Tex-Chem Pvt. Ltd has the sole and exclusive right for the distribution and manufacture of the Supergen Engine Oils in the United States of America, Canada, South America, Nigeria, Liberia and South Africa.

Supergen Engine Oils, an engine oil manufacturing brand with an exceptional range of engine oils, gear oils, transmission fluid, motor oil, hydraulic and lubrication oil.

Our engine oils are available in Mineral Base, Premium Mineral, Semi- synthetic and Premium Synthetic variants. Engineered to cater to the needs of various vehicles like motorcycles, cars, trucks, tractors, earthmovers and gen-sets.

Supergen is here for those who aspire for effortless road journeys.

With unprecedented quality in comparatively lesser prices, Supergen Engine Oils are available in Mineral Base, Premium Mineral,  Semi- Synthetic and Premium Synthetic variants.

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